Client testimonials

"I am delighted with my new do! I feel so happy seeing me in the mirror. You so captured what I needed to show up more and feel feminine. Thank you so much."

"Laura's work is amazing! After working with Laura,I not only felt an incredible enhancement in my wardrobe, but I felt more creative and beautiful as a feminine women. Laura helped me to step into my body in a new way. During childhood I was constantly teased and tormented about being "too tall." I struggled with body image and self-esteem throughout my childhood and into my twenties. Shopping was a nightmare for me. After working with Laura and discovering I am an air sign in the realm of clothing I feel radiant in my clothes and body. Laura spends quality time with you. She is very thorough and gentle! Laura's work is deeper than the material, it goes into the metaphysical and spiritual. Laura's work helps women feel radiant from the inside out. I recommend Laura from my heart."