Style is beyond the clothes you wear; your wardrobe is a representation of who you are. 

Beyond Organic Style is a journey to self-discovery. In the comfort and privacy of my chic Minneapolis studio, I help men, women and teens become confident, attract the right attention and reflect their inner spirit outwardly. After working together, you will...

  • Gain a better understanding of what colors, fabrics, textures, patterns and styles, makeup, hairstyle and accessories compliment your body type, skin tone, facial features, energy level, spirit and personalilty
  • Gain a newfound confidence that will help you attract the people you want to meet
  • Enhance your visibility to make a strong first impression
  • Save you money — you only buy what truly works for you
  • Enjoy a closet full of clothes that fit well and look great on you


Using the attraction profiling technique, I will identify your personal style and teach you to dress yourself accordingly. Using pieces from your current wardrobe and incorporating new, we'll assemble outfits that will reflect your inner self, save money and energy. 

closet organizer

You have a closet full of clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear. We've all been there. Let's search through your closet to find items to keep, donate or reinvent, and then organize them in an accessible way. A little organization goes a long way for your closet. 


Appearance often impacts how rapidly you rise up the corporate ladder — or whether you rise at all. I teach you what clothes to buy, how to mix-and-match looks and how to groom yourself to attract success and further your career.

personal SHOPPER

So many stores, so many options. Shopping can feel dizzying at times. I'll accompany you while you shop to help select the right clothes. If shopping really isn't your thing, I can make purchases on your behalf and deliver your new wardrobe to your home.


Through in-depth exploration of your skin tone, body type, physical features and lifestyle, I will identify colors that enhance your natural beauty. This is critical when deciding what clothing, makeup and hair style will suit you best. 


  • Bridal consultancy
  • Feeling beautiful during pregnancy
  • Special occasion shopping
  • Host a person style party!
  • Mother-daughter shopping


Color and Body Consultation
Hello and welcome to Attraction Profiling in Minneapolis - Certified Image Consultant, Personal stylist & Shopper. When you need real style advise, sometimes your friends don't always know best. With a keen eye for style I have direct experience in the style industry and know how to help you look expensive with out breaking the bank. No matter what your size or body shape, skin color and unique personality it is all taking into consideration to create a style that is all you from your head to toes. Laura Arechigo will help in determining the colors and textures that work best for you. Laura will determine the complexity (size, character and amount of detail) you can wear in your fabrics, prints and accessories. She will also analyze your hair, skin and features to determine what styles and types of fabric are appropriate for your body structure. With this information, you will be able to evaluate your clothing selections and make amazing clothing choices, together with Laura or on your own. Included in your consultation is a pre - consultation discussion by phone, Skype or email on lifestyle, personality, values, career, and personal goals.  You will also go home with fabric swatches custom to you, to be used for your two hour shopping day to specifically target the best styles and accessories , with your body type and lifestyle in mind. Save time, money and energy making everyday dressing simple, easy and fun. Your fabric swatches custom to you will also make shopping for  makeup and decorating your home a breeze.  A detailed profile of the consultation will be sent to you by email for your personal use with in weeks of the consultation. This session can also be split into two or three sessions dividing the hours.

$750 up to 6 hours consult  plus 2 hours of shopping includes one custom fabric swatch palette with 9 colors plus two jean colors  and one custom fabric fan plus a detailed profile.

Mini Consult Custom Palette
Laura will create a customized design palette for you to simplify shopping, enabling you to assemble a closet full of clothes you will enjoy wearing. When you shop for clothes, hair color and cosmetics, you will take your color palette with you to select items that will look good on you and accomplish your goals. Choose a customized fan comprising the colors, textures, patterns, proportions and sheen that look good on your body. With Laura's four step process for styling clients that will start with an initial consultation and with her forward sense of style it is all about connecting " who you are with who you want to be ".

  • Identify your 5 best colors ( letting you be seen ) includes one custom fabric swatch palette with 5 colors plus a jean color
  • Choose one -- between,,,Romantic colors, Metal, Pastels, Dramatic colors, Quiet colors ( helping you shine )
  • Learn your Seasonal Design type ( better understanding of shapes in your body)
  • Learn the best fabric for your body type ( feel the difference )
  • Identify the line patterns and shape in your facial features ( when choosing clothes and accessories that are related to your facial features your beauty emerge.
  • BODY'S basic shape ( the width of your shoulders relative to the width of your waist and hips determine your natural silhouette.
  • $ 370   2 hours 

Wardrobe Consultation
Save time and money — shop from your own closet before going to the mall or your favorite boutique. Take stock of what you already own and shop with a plan. Laura's personal styling services revolve around a formula she created for wardrobe longevity. She believes the possibilities are endless when you learn how to expand your single pieces and entire wardrobe into so many different outfits that reflect who you at your core. Through her personal styling services,she helps her clients embrace their individuality to create their own unique style.  Laura will review your existing wardrobe and help you decide what to keep, give away, repurpose or alter. Laura will put together new, fully accessorized outfits from what you have and take photographs to prompt you later as to what goes with what. She will also compile an itemized shopping list of what you need to complete your wardrobe. And also support you in donating or consigning your unwanted clothing.
$225 for up to 4 hours
$50/hour for each additional hour

Closet Organizer
Is your closet a mess? Is your floor obscured? Can you even open your closet door all the way? If this sounds like your closet, it may be time for a closet organizer. Laura will help you arrange your clothes, shoes and accessories so that you can quickly and efficiently dress for any occasion. She will provide you with closet organization tips and suggestions to help you find what you're looking for with minimal effort.  
$125 for 2 hours
$50/hour each additional hour

Personal Shopper
You’ve never shopped like this before! Today’s excursion represents the culmination of all your work. Now that you understand who you are and what will look best on you, and armed with your new color and design palettes, you and Laura will make shopping decisions with ease and certainty. Shopping is fun when you know what to look for! With Laura’s assistance, you’ll save time, money and energy selecting your new wardrobe, and getting dressed each morning will be something to look forward to. Shopping still doesn’t appeal to you? Laura will do the shopping for you. Laura will make purchases on your behalf and bring them right to your door for you to enjoy. 
$100 for 2 hours
$50/hour for each additional hour

Mother/Daughter Session
Enjoy a special mother-daughter experience learning about yourselves and each other, meanwhile discovering how you can look your best and communicate better.  Includes everything from the COLOR AND BODY consultation !
$900 for up to 8 hours of consultation

Special Occasions
Have you ever tried to pack for a trip and given up in disgust? Have you ever been invited to a function and panicked over what to wear? Is an event coming up that leaves you with no idea how to dress? Laura can coordinate your wardrobe for any occasion — be it a wedding, reunion, vacation or business trip — so that everything works together, looks fabulous, packs in a small suitcase and sets your mind at ease. $100 for two hours
$50/hour for each additional hour

Custom Package
Not sure what services to sign up for? Laura will design a package custom-tailored to your needs.
Six months of personal coaching — two-hour sessions, twice a month — in person or via Skype

Host a Your-Personal-Style Party
Invite 10 or more friends into your home, church or activity center, or bring the party to our studio, for a free introduction to our services. As hostess, you will receive 25% 0ff any services the night of the party.

Beyond Organic salon and spa is located in the Tangletown neighborhood of South Minneapolis, in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Our office if located within a 10-mile radius of downtown.