natural & ORGANIC hair color

Healthy hair begins when it's free from stress. Overloading your hair with chemicals causes breakage and poor texture. The Beyond Organic salon only uses ammonia-free, PPD and resorcinol-free hair color. Natural hair products make the color process much gentler on the hair and scalp. Ammonia-free hair color is great for everyone, especially those with sensitive or allergic skin. Learn more about the color systems that I use below.

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O&M (Original & Mineral) Clean Color Technology is a revolutionary, heat-free hair system that delivers clean, lustrous blondes, bright fashion shades and beautiful natural colors that are lasting and vibrant. Choose from 99 permanent shades with 100% gray coverage. The products are enriched with:

  • Koalin prevents color fading

  • Montmorillonite improves the health of skin and hair

  • Sunflower seed wax adds moisture and shine

  • Sweet almond oil, lilly pilly extract, argan and macadamia oil for hair and scalp

  • Free of ammonia, gluten and soy

  • Free of parabens, pathalates, GMOs, PPDs, PEGs, tetra EDTA

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Organic Colour Systems professional organic salon products are highly advanced and used globally. The products have replaced the harsh and harmful chemicals found in traditional salon hair color with certified organic ingredients, rich nutrients, amino acids, and essential oils. Organic Colour Systems hair color softens the hair with plant oils and nutrients, then use heat to open the cuticle to allow nutrient-rich color pigments to enter the hair gently. No toxic fumes, no scalp irritation or ammonia; it covers gray and lasts as long as non-organic color.

Oligo CALURA Color




The CALURA exothermic system is an innovative technology that was designed to maximize dye penetration and minimize hair damage. Each shade was formulated to generate a specific increase in temperature to achieve desired results. The temperature increase varies, opening the cuticle gently ensuring optimal dye penetration. As a bonus, this heat allows a thorough penetration of the certified organic essences and keratin found in CALURA’s unique formula.
The outcome is unparalleled and radiant shine!


◆ Covers 100% of white hair, even in the case of resistant white hair
◆ Allows gentle lift of up-to 5 levels
◆ Offers superior dye penetration for uniform results
◆ Offers superior penetration of organic essences and keratin for ultimate shine ◆ Offers superior conditioning of the hair

◆ Provides a pleasant temperature on the scalp when being applied


The era of ammonia based colour is coming to an end. The lingering unpleasant smell ammonia produces in salons is a thing of the past. Now we have safe and comfortable environment for an all around positive client experience.

CALURA offers unparalleled vibrancy and a reduction in alkaline forces thanks to its exothermic technology.

In addition, it is completely PPD* free! PPD* is a chemical compound found in most permanent hair colours; it can cause mild to severe allergic reactions.

*PPD = p-Phenylenediamine


The purest organic essences have been carefully selected to be included in CALURA’s unique formula.These essences have been chosen for their known benefits to the hair and scalp. They are USDA certified edensuring that they are free of contaminants (pesticides, herbicides, solvents).

Additionally, organic agriculture farming methods were used to grow and extract these essences, thus respecting the environment and promoting fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.

CALURA contains the 4 following organic essences :


Natural properties protect against free radicals.Treats the hair fiber. Properties of hydration and porosity equalizer.


Protects the hair and scalp.Helps keep moisture inside the cortex.


Antioxidant that helps distribute the pigments uniformly within the cortex. Contributes to the longevity of colour and provides ultimate shine.


Anti-Inflammatory and antibacterial Improves shine and overall appearance of hair. Protects hair against hot styling tools
and chemical treatments.


Hair is constantly exposed to the aggressive elements of the environment; pollution, exposure to sunlight,chemical treatments and mechanical manipulation are all causes of dull and dry hair, making it more vulnerable to further damage.

The keratin included in CALURA’s formula is solely derived from a protein contained in wool from New Zealand. This keratin, of the highest quality, protects the hair’s own natural keratin as well as provides antioxidants that protect it from environmental elements.

The result is healthy, shiny and strong hair

Oligo Calura Gloss Demi-Permanent Color

Delivers an unbelievably gloss finish with No Lift It also contains amino acids which replenishes pre-lightened hair!

Meet the new generation in hair colouring and hair care technologies: cool, creative, innovative, and healthy. Our breakthrough demi-permanent liquid colour offers the versatility of a liquid colour in an alcohol-free water base environment! Calura Gloss delivers an unbelievably glossy finish with NO LIFT – guaranteed!

Our unique technology allows deep penetration of dyes, but also of our high-performance conditioning agents. Offering long term conditioning and shine.

A protein-based complex which improves hair elasticity, conditioning, strength and adds natural shine. This unique ingredient penetrates into the hair cortex, building strength from within and protecting hair sulfates. It also contains amino acids which replenish pre-lightened hair!

Anti-aging super-fruit. Excellent source of antioxidants that maintains hair youthfulness and protection.

Have you ever considered putting Alcohol on your hair? So why use a demi permanent colour that contains alcohol! It causes dryness and frizz not to mention makes combing product through to ensure even colour deposit very difficult. For that reason, we have completely eliminated it from our formulas offering a safer and healthier product.

Strong allergen that can cause mild to severe allergic reactions.

Calura Gloss Demi- Permanent Color

Toning Gloss Visual color ADDED TO COLOR $

Single Service Toning Gloss $

Shine Clear Gloss ADDED TO COLOR $

Single Service Shine Clear Gloss $

Color Blending Added to Color $

White Blending $


Full, all over color


Touch-ups (up to 6 weeks)


Add blow dry/style


Oligo Culara Gloss $ 40 +

ORGANIC naturalite foils


sweeping by handing painting soft and natural highlights $95-$230



Bleach + Tone

Double process

Price upon consultation

Glaze with color



Natural and Highlighted hair color is enriched with Shine

$40 - $90



Long hair

$135 - $200

hair cuts and styling

With over 30 years in the industry and training from world renowned academies Toni & Guy and Horst and Friends, my personalization techniques set me apart from the rest. My holistic approach to hair styling identifies my clients' needs and desires to deliver a satisfying new look. Every face is different; your look is something to be found, not created. 

Cut and style

$60 (70-90 min)

Cut for men

$55 (60-70 min)

Cut for teens

$50 (60-90 min)

Cut for children

$45 (50 min)

Integrated hair cut and style: Great hair is often the difference between self-confidence and self-consciousness. Hair is an integral part of a person's self image. My in-depth exploration of your body type, physical features, inner spirit and outward energy, lifestyle, personality and short and long-term goals enables me to design and create a style just for you. 3 hour session for $200. 

olaplex: hair insurance

Chemical treatments, some hair products and daily blow drying cause hair breakage and damage. OLAPLEX multiplies the chemical bonds in your hair to make it stronger, healthier and shinier, while preserving vibrant color. It is great for all hair types, and most importantly free of silicon, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and never tested on animals  | $50

Note: this is a professional service only available at salons. Can be purchased as a stand-alone treatment, pre-keratin treatment or added to the hair coloring process. Along with the salon treatment, you can purchase and take home the Hair Perfector, which is a weekly 10-minute treatment to maintain the amazing condition of your hair. Learn more about OLAPLEX here.


KeraGreen Keratin and Protein System controls frizzy and unmanageable hair and restores strength to weakened follicles. Keratin is a revolutionary hair treatment originating in Brazil that truly transforms the hair. Unlike other techniques, smoothing with keratin replenishes the condition of the hair without changing or damaging its molecular structure. It can be used on all hair types. Each treatment will improve the health and integrity of your hair, while leaving it more manageable with faster drying time, frizz free, and long lasting style! How do we know if a Keratin


Bring harmony and balance to the hair with Smooth Rituals. 
Our non-toxic keratin smoothing treatment and protein restoration products
are formulated without formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients. Instead we use nourishing organic botanicals and safe replacements to create smooth, frizz-free hair that last 3-4 months without compromising your health or hair.

Is this treatment for you ? If you are wanting to cut down on blow-dry timing in half, have more manageable hair, reduce and tame frizzy well softening a coarse texture then you would totally benefit from a Kertain treatment,

Best to book treatment with in two weeks of a color treatment as it may lighten by one shade.

The treatment is not the best on straight hair or overly processed or heavily highlighted hair.


Kertain Treatment | $300-$400

nufree hair removal

Ditch irritating razor blades for Nufree's toxin-free hair remover that leaves your skin feeling soft and less prone to redness. Nufree is antibacterial/antimicrobial, botanical and safe for the entire body. It is not a wax and never sticks to the skin. 

Nufree completely clears the hair follicle including the bulb,shaft and papilla unlike any other hair removal products on the market.

Nufree is a botanical formula of soy triglycerides that are compatible with the sebaceous oils of the hair.This formula cannot adhere to living skin but uses the oils of the hair as its vehicle.

Why is there LESS Pain with Nufree? Nufree never dries and doesn't stick to the skin.

How long do the results last? Results can be seen immediately. After your two treatments, regrowth is lighter and softer. With each additional treatment you will experience one third less growth each time and visits will be longer.

Brow shaping includes a consultation for finding and customizing the best shape for you based on the natural contours of your face.

Eye brows: $18 new shape

with a service $12

 | Chin: $15 | Upper lip: $10

Express Eyebrows $15 with a service $10


manicures & pedicures

Recline and relax for a pampering experience using pure and natural products to nourish your hands and feet. The odorless polish provides color and shine for up to one week for hands and long-lasting for toes.

Pedicures include a relaxing foot soak in a copper bowl. Along with the beauty and serenity of this natural treatment, the copper may help reduce pain and inflammation and boost your immune system. Copper is absorbed by the body in small amounts, binding with enzymes to assist in the production of hemoglobin. Your body uses this hemoglobin to repair and heal itself. A vital part of your body's immune system, ionized copper was used in ancient Egypt to purify water. The positive and negative magnetic fields created by copper help energy flow through your body.

Manicure: $45 for 60 min |  Pedicure: $75 for 90 min

Beyond Organic salon and spa is located in the Tangletown neighborhood of South Minneapolis, in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.